Roger McGough at British Telecommunications

Roger McGough performed in the 1960s as a singer with pop-group The Scaffold, known for the number one hit "Lily the Pink" and "Thank U Very Much". In 1967, Penguin published The Mersey Sound, an anthology which featured Roger McGough's work, alongside that of Brian Patten and Adrian Henri (they became known as The Liverpool Poets) went on to sell over half a million copies and to become the bestselling anthology of British verse. Since then, Roger McGough's numerous collections of poetry have established him as a popular, distinctive and powerful voice in contemporary poetry.

As poet-in-residence, Roger has his own section of the BT intranet which is 'home' to the 100,000 BT employees throughout the UK. He will write a monthly column, addressing questions about poetry that are e-mailed to him; he also is keen to encourage staff to write poetry, and to this purpose he will read all poems sent by staff and select several poems a month to be posted on a section of his site entitled 'BT Poets of the Month'.

A poetry discussion board is currently posted on the company's intranet, allowing staff to engage in 'conversation' about poetry writing, reading, events in their area, or forming a local poetry (reading or writing) group.

Since much of the activity will take place on the company's internal website, The Poetry Society will publish regular excerpts of Roger's column and occasional Poems of the Month by BT staff.

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